Andrew C. Ferguson

Andrew C. Ferguson, by Paul Blair

It’s a welcome return to the Fringe this year for Andrew C. Ferguson. A connoisseur, historian and the leading international authority on Scottish Common Good Law, it seems inconceivable that he could live in Glenrothes.

A true Renaissance man, Andrew’s body of work includes novels, short prose, poetry — and recently a musical project documenting the influence of Venus Carmichael, a Sixties singer-songwriter with a guilty secret. He is currently working on a novel about an unsympathetic lech who wakes up with a hangover to discover his bathtub contains a corpse with its toe stuck up the cold tap.

For Underword Andrew will put aside his normal obsessions — fairies, football, Fife and sexy lawyers — to deliver new stories and recipes from foreign parts. There may also be mention of sexy foreign lawyers.

Thursday 13th August, 7.50pm–8.40pm.