Alistair Findlay

What do these five things have in common: poetry, shale mining, social work, football, and John Knox? The answer is Alistair Findlay.

Not content with covering the three key aspects of existence in his 2003 collection Sex, Death and Football, Alistair brought the unrelenting figure of Scotland’s favourite bearded religious reformer up to date in 2006’s Love Songs of John Knox. As one keen reader said, “I didn’t know John Knox wrote love songs.”

Alistair has compiled both 100 Favourite Scottish Football Poems and the upcoming Never Mind The Ball, a exploration of the country’s passion for the game and the grinding frustration of supporting our national team. Alistair was signed to Hibernian F.C. during seasons 1965–68. However, Jambos may still enjoy his poems.

Expect an evening focused on football; but the spectre of Knox will not be far away … There may also be a few treats from his new material: an anthology on Scottish Marxism called Lenin’s Gramophone, and a collection of poems on social workers called Dancing With Big Eunice.

Also featuring a story from the dug-out, read by Andrew C. Ferguson.

Sunday 9th August, 7.50pm–8.40pm.