Gavin Inglis

Gavin Inglis, by Paul Blair

His stories are a heady mix of murderous fish, doomed starlets, murderous poly bags, lecherous Victorian engineers, murderous giant gingerbread men and elderly people who make one small, wise remark which sorts the whole thing out.

The author of Crap Ghosts, sixteen tales of ineffectual apparitions and substandard spooks, Gavin will be sharing his “smartarse” work in progress — the Davey Swain dodecalogy.

Davey Swain is too smart for his own good, and too smart to be the waste of space that he is. The story includes an uptight car park attendant, a surly bus driver, an alcoholic commissionaire and a bad disco in Bathgate. Plus a murderous shoe.

Thursday 20th August, 7.50pm–8.40pm.